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Medical Fitness Coaching

Unlock Your Body’s Potential with Medical Fitness Coaching at Progressive Mobility

If increasing the intensity of your workouts brings concerns of re-injury, or if staying active with your family feels more challenging due to declining strength and mobility, Progressive Mobility is here to guide you towards achieving an active lifestyle sustainably and safely.

Discover more about our Medical Fitness Coaching and Training Programs tailored for your unique journey towards optimal health.

How Our Medical Fitness Training Process Works

Step 1: Setting Goals & Gathering Data

Your journey begins with a detailed consultation with Jenn, a seasoned Physical Therapist.. We dive deep into your fitness aspirations, current performance levels, and envision where you want to be. Through comprehensive screenings assessing your strength, flexibility, and agility, we ensure a safe and effective pathway to your fitness progression, mindful of any existing limitations.

Step 2: Crafting & Implementing Your Program

Armed with insights from your initial assessment, we craft a custom, periodized training program that resonates with your personal goals and physical capabilities.

Experience tailored one-on-one strength and conditioning sessions under the expert guidance of our team, introducing you to new exercises, perfecting your form, and engaging in workouts that inspire and challenge.

Step 3: Continuous Evaluation & Plan Adjustment

With access to your training program via our state-of-the-art athlete management software, we monitor your progress closely. Your coach will ensure your program remains aligned with your evolving goals, making adjustments as needed to keep you on the path to success.

Training Programs Tailored for You in Spartanburg

At Progressive Mobility, we understand the plethora of fitness options available today. Our Medical Fitness Coaching program stands out because it’s crafted with an intimate understanding of what active individuals need to achieve their dreams. We consider your past injuries, movement patterns, and lifestyle to customize a program that brings out the best in you.

Recovery: Signs You Might Be Overtraining
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Training Programs Tailored to Your Needs

From day one, your coach, informed by your therapist’s detailed reports, tailors your program to fit you perfectly.

Imagine moving freely, without pain or fear of aggravating old injuries. Our goal is to eliminate those worries, enhancing your performance to reach and surpass your fitness goals confidently.

Nutrition Plans That Fuel Your Progress

Recognizing nutrition as the cornerstone of any successful fitness regimen, we provide personalized nutrition plans as part of your membership. Tailored to your fitness objectives, these plans ensure you’re fueled for success, complemented by supplement recommendations and exclusive discounts.

A therapist from Progressive Mobility, wearing blue scrubs, is assisting a woman lying on her back with exercises. The physio holds the woman's arm, guiding her through a physical therapy session in a professional setting.
A man in a blue shirt and gray shorts observes another man in a red shirt and gray shorts who is lying on his back, lifting a weighted bar. They are in the Progressive Mobility Physio & Performance gym with green flooring and wooden doors in the background.

Why Choose Medical Fitness Coaching with Progressive Mobility?

Unlike traditional personal training, our Medical Fitness Coaching integrates closely with your physical therapy insights, ensuring a holistic approach to your wellness journey. From custom nutrition plans to health data tracking and 24/7 access to your coach, we offer a comprehensive support system designed to bring out your best.

Are you ready to transform your life with a fitness program that understands and adapts to your unique needs? Contact Progressive Mobility today and let’s embark on this journey together. Rediscover your strength, confidence, and joy in an active lifestyle with us.

At Progressive Mobility, your potential is our passion. Let’s unlock it together.

What You
Traditional Personal Training
Medical Fitness Coaching
Structured written plan
Coach that works daily with your Physical Therapist who knows your medical history to prevent injuries

Customized Nutrition Plan

Tracks your Health Data from Smart Watch
Supplement Recommendations
24 hour access to Coach
Doctoral Level Educator that Provides you with a Deep Understanding About Your Individual Body