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No Problem is Too Small in Physical Therapy

The human body is a collection of bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons all with specific roles and functions that contribute to free, efficient movement. Any type of physical activity requires contributions, big or small, from all components of the body. Just like with a car, if even the smallest body part is not functioning correctly, it negatively affects all of the bigger parts downstream. For example, someone is experiencing weakness in the muscles of the toes and this weakness then affects ankle stability, which in turn affects the knee, and in some cases can work its way all the way up the spine.

Here at Progressive Mobility we look beyond what brings you in the door. We keep our patients treatment plans open and flexible because often times the initial complaint is not the root of the problem. All the members of our team are dedicated to return patients back to a state of whole-body wellness while staying true to the patients personal goals.

Take Ebony for example. She was referred to us because of debilitating knee pain. It was preventing her from being able to play with her kids, play basketball, and was causing her to take frequent breaks at work. During her initial assessment, we were able to narrow the cause down to an issue at the foot! The pain in her knee was actually just a symptom. After just 8 sessions, Ebony is back to zero foot pain during both sports and work – 12 hours on her feet is pain free again.

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Jenn Wallace

Progressive Mobility

"We help active adults and athletes in the Spartanburg area get back to sports and activities that they love, while avoiding surgery, injections & medications"