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Understanding Tendinitis and Tendinopathy: A Simple Guide

At Progressive Mobility we often get asked what tendinitis is. I would like to take the time to explain that, and also what the difference is between that and tendinopathy. It is a common diagnosis that we see in the office, and we start with checking the joints above and below the pain point.

Did you know that something like elbow pain can actually be a symptom of a neck issue? It can! As long as the joints above and below are ruled out, we can dig into the tissues (literally) to pinpoint the aggravated tendon. Those results coupled with range of motion and strength testing can give us a really good starting point.

Have you ever wondered why sometimes your muscles feel a bit sore, especially after playing your favorite sports or doing activities like throwing a ball, running, or jumping? It might have something to do with tendons, those cool bands that connect our muscles to our bones.

Tendinitis vs. Tendinopathy: What’s the Difference?

Tendinitis is a bit like a small injury or irritation in a tendon. Imagine it as a little bruise that happens when you use a certain muscle a lot (overuse). It’s not a big deal, and it can gets better with some rest.

On the other hand, tendinopathy is like a more long-term issue. It’s when a tendon has been a bit unhappy for a while. It’s not just a one-time boo-boo; it’s more like the tendon telling you it’s not feeling great over a longer period.

How Can Physical Therapists Help?

Physical therapists are like superheroes for your muscles. They are super smart coaches who teach you exercises and tricks to make your muscles and tendons stronger and happier. It’s like giving your body a special training plan to help it feel better and stay strong!

So, if you ever feel a bit sore or your muscles are not their usual happy little selves, remember that tendons might be trying to tell you something. And guess what? Physical therapists are here to help you and your muscles get back to feeling fantastic!

Remember, your body is like a team, and with the right training, it can tackle anything that comes its way!

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